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I can’t find the container with the clear plastic lid any more. Where can I find Dryel®?

Dryel® is still sold in the same outlets that you had previously found it, but we changed our kit and refill packaging. Our kit and refill come in different shaped boxes.

The new package says that it can be used on all my clothes. Can I still use it for Dry Cleaning clothes at home?

Yes, you can continue to use Dryel® as you always have for Dry Cleaning your clothes at home. Now you can also use Dryel® on all your clothes for a quick clean. Just simply follow the instruction card in your package for the type of cleaning you prefer.

How does Dryel® work?

The Dryel® fabric care system allows you to clean and freshen all your clothes in the dryer in less than 30 minutes. For your dry clean only clothes and hand washable items you can clean them in the convenience of your own home for a fraction of the cost of dry cleaning. For all your other clothes, Dryel® offers light cleaning without having to go through a full washer and dryer cycle.

Heat from the dryer activates the moist Dryel® cloth to create a gentle steam cleaning environment. For dry clean, delicate and hand-washable clothes, the specially designed fabric bag protects the clothes from shrinking, fading or stretching. Dryel® also helps remove wrinkles. Most garments are ready to wear with little or no ironing needed.

How do I use Dryel®?

Dryel® is easy to use!


  • Prep it.
    • Remove excess residue from stain and place napkin behind.
      Tip: Always check for colorfastness prior to stain removal
  • Scrub it.
    • While squeezing pen, use scrubber like an eraser to eliminate stain.
      Tip: After stain removal, blot with napkin to remove excess solution if needed.


  • Steam it.
    • Unfold Dryel® cleaning cloth and add to dryer along with 1-4 garments to be cleaned.
    • Tumble dry on medium heat for 15 minutes.
    • For larger loads or extra freshening, use 2 cloths
  • Wear it.
    • Wear immediately or hang up clean and fresh garments promptly to help wrinkles fall out.


  • Zip it.
    • Add 1 to 4 garments to DRYEL® Fabric Protection Bag. Bag should not be more than half-full to allow garments to tumble freely.
    • Unfold DRYEL® cleaning cloth & add to DRYEL® Fabric Protection Bag.
    • Zip DRYEL® Fabric Protection Bag and then place in dryer.
  • Steam it.
    • Tumble in dryer on medium heat for 30 minutes.
    • The steam-cleaning environment removes odors and helps protect against shrinking, stretching & fading.
    • DO NOT place any other objects or garments into the dryer while using DRYEL®.
  • Wear it.
    • Clothes should be slightly damp when removing them from the DRYEL® Fabric Protection Bag. If needed, adjust time by 5 minutes.
    • Hang up clean and fresh garments promptly to help wrinkles fall out.
    • Touch up ironing may be necessary.
    • Throw away DRYEL® cleaning Cloths after use, but save DRYEL® Bag (reusable).

*For best results, do not place any other objects or garments into the dryer while using Dryel®.

How do I test for colorfastness?

To test for colorfastness with the Dryel® cloth, gently rub the cloth on an inconspicuous area of the garment, like a seam. Allow it to dry and if you see that no staining/fading has occurred, the fabric is colorfast.

To Test for colorfastness with the stain remover, wet a folded white paper towel with several drops of the stain remover solution. Press against an inconspicuous area of the garment, like a seam. If any dye is transferred to the paper towel, the garment is not colorfast and should not be used with the Dryel® Stain Remover.

Will the Dryel® method of cleaning in the dryer cause my fabrics to fade, shrink or stretch?

We tested Dryel® extensively on a variety of fabrics and with proper use, we would not expect fabrics to fade, shrink or stretch. The Dryel® dryer bag is specially designed to protect garments.

What temperature setting should I use?

Dryel® works best in your home dryer at medium temperature. Since dryers vary in temperature, you will know best whether you need a medium or high setting on your dryer. Clothes should be slightly damp when you remove them from the Dryel® bag or directly from the dryer. If they are too wet after the cycle, set you dryer temperature at a higher setting. If they are too dry, reduce your setting. For best results, hang dry your garments immediately to reduce wrinkling. Laundromat dryers typically run hotter, so you should use a medium to low settings.

Is Dryel® safe to use in all dryers?

The Dryel® fabric bag is specially designed for use in household (including HE dryers) or Laundromat style dryers that are vented outside (electric, gas or propane). It can also be used in compact dryers.

Can I use Dryel® in a Laundromat dryer?

The Dryel® fabric zipper bag can be used in household, compact or Laundromat dryers.

Can I mix colors and fabrics in the Dryel® bag?

Yes, you can mix colors in a load. For best results, group garments of similar fabrics and weights together. To avoid lint transfer, care for items such as soft wool sweaters individually.

What should I do if the item won’t fit in the Dryel® bag?

For Dryel® to work properly, items must have room to tumble freely in the bag. If the item is too large for the Dryel® bag, but it will tumble freely in the dryer, use two clothes without the bag. If an item will not tumble freely in the dryer, we recommend cleaning it at a professional dry cleaner.

How many items can I put inside of a Dryel® bag?

The number of garments the bag will hold depends on the size of the items. You can put up to four (4) garments in the bag as long as you allow enough room for the items to move freely. The bag should be a little less than ½ full.

Can I use the Dryel® Stain Remover by itself?

Yes! The Dryel® Stain Remover is designed to work before the in-dryer process. Use it all by itself to remove those small stains. Here’s how:

  • Remove excess residue from stains and place a napkin behind the stain
  • While squeezing the pen, use the scrubber tip like an eraser to eliminate the stain.
  • You can also put the Dryel® stain pen in your purse or tote to be used “on the go”!

Will Dryel® kill moths?

No, Dryel® will not kill or eliminate moths. It is designed to refresh your clothes, remove stains, and extend the time between professional dry cleaning.

What can I do to reduce wrinkling when using Dryel®?

To help minimize wrinkling:

  • Fill the Dryel® bag or dryer only ½ full. The items inside the bag need to tumble freely.
  • Clothes should be slightly damp at the end of the cycle. If too dry, reduce the time by five (5) minutes, If too wet, increase the time by five (5) minutes.
  • Button and zip items placed in the Dryel® bag or in the dryer.
  • Group similar fabric types together.
  • Hang or fold items between wearing and using Dryel®.
  • When garments are removed from the Dryel® bag or dryer, hang them promptly.
  • Touch up with an iron if needed, depending on the type of fabric the garment is made of.

Does Dryel® contain perchloroethylene or perc?

No, Dryel® does not contain perchloroethylene. This chemical is a cleaning solvent that is used by dry cleaners. Dryel® is a totally different cleaning system than professional dry cleaning, using ingredients that have been specially formulated for in-home use.

Can I use Dryel® on curtains and drapes?

We recommend using Dryel® on curtains or drapes as long as they are not too large to tumble freely in the Dryel® bag or dryer.

Do I have to use the Dryel® bag?

No, However to get the maximum benefit from Dryel® for dry clean, delicate or hand-washable clothes, it is best to use the Dryel® bag. It is specially designed to protect your garments from dryer heat and to help prevent shrinking and stretching. Combined with the Dryel® moist cleaning cloth, the steam cleaning environment inside the bag also gently removes odors, leaving your clothes smelling fresh.

For lightly cleaning every day clothes, you do not have to use the Dryel® bag.

Why can’t I find the Original Scent Starter Kit or Refills any longer?

The Dryel® Original Scent Starter Kits and Refill Cloths have been discontinued. The only scent available is Clean Breeze, which will leave your garment smelling clean and fresh.

Are there any fabrics Dryel® should not be used on?

Dryel® should not be used on leather, velvet, suede or fur. For knit sweaters with small stains, we recommend using the stain pen without scrubbing, as this may cause some of the threads in the sweater to loosen.

Can I buy Dryel® items separately?

You can purchase refill boxes of the Dryel® Moist Cleaning Cloths and the Dryel® Stain Pen separately. The Dryel® bag is not available to be purchased separately, but it is good for use up to 25 loads.

Where can I purchase Dryel®?

Dryel® is available in most major retail stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Meijer, Kroger, Walgreen’s, etc. To find a store online at www.dryel.com, click on the “Where to Buy Dryel®”. You can then enter your zip code/area to find a store near you. If there are any retailers within that area, a listing of retailers will appear. Please keep in mind that a retailer can discontinue stocking a product at any time, so it is a good idea to contact the store beforehand to see if the product is in stock. Click here to find Dryel®.

Are the Dryel® fumes safe?

The vapors produced by Dryel® consist primarily of steam and a low level of fragrance. The majority of this mixture leaves the dryer through the vent during the drying cycle. It is safe to use around children when used as directed.

How does the Dryel® Stain Remover work?

The Dryel® Stain Remover formula works in combination with the pressure you apply to the scrubber tip to help loosen and remove the stain. The action of the scrubber tip helps to break up the stain and presses the stain through the fabric onto the napkin.

Will the Dryel® Stain Remover remove all stains?

No cleaning product will work on all stains, but the Dryel® Stain Remover works well on a variety of common stains like coffee, tea and cola. It even removes stains such as lipstick and make-up. For heavy soils, large spills and other difficult stain, professional dry cleaning may be required.

The exact ingredients are not listed on the package. Can you tell me what these are?

Unfortunately, due to the competitive nature of our business, the specific ingredients are not listed as they are considered confidential information and cannot be disclosed. Our packaging meets all of the label law requirements.

However, the basic ingredients and their function in this product are as follows:

  • Water = To make steam for the steam-cleaning process
  • Preservatives = To prevent microbial growth in the product
  • Fiber Protection Agents = To prevent shrinkage
  • Perfume = To add a pleasant fragrance to the clothing

The stain remover contains:

  • Water = To rinse the stains
  • Biodegradable Cleaning Agents = To remove stains
  • Preservatives = To prevent microbial growth in the product

Is Dryel® a Kosher product?

No, I am sorry. Dryel® is not Kosher.

What is the shelf life of Dryel®?

Both the stain remover and moist cleaning cloths have a shelf life of one (1) year.

Can I use more than one (1) Dryel® bag in the dryer at a time?

No. In order for the bag to tumble freely while inside of the dryer, we recommend only placing one bag in the dryer at a time.

Can I use Dryel® if I am pregnant?

Yes, our products are safe to use during pregnancy. All of our fabric and home care products have been carefully tested and fully evaluated to ensure their safety in use, including any possible effects on pregnant women and unborn children. Both the product and any fumes/vapors that might be produced are considered in our safety evaluation. Nevertheless, it is always appropriate to provide adequate ventilation when using any product that you find produces strong fumes or vapors simply to avoid unnecessary discomfort. This may be especially important during pregnancy since sensitivity to many things, including strong odors and vapors, can be unusually heightened.

Can the Dryel® Moist Cleaning Cloth be reused?

No. The moist cleaning cloth should be discarded after use.

Can I wash the Dryel® bag?

No, the Dryel® fabric bag should not be laundered. If the bag begins to show signs or wear or gets dirty, it should be replaced. Please keep in mind that the bag can be used for up to 25 loads.

How Does Dryel® 3-in-1 Touch Up Spray Work?

In order to lengthen the time between washings, Dryel® Touch Up Spray:

  • Removes wrinkles by lubricating the fibers of the fabric to be “smoothed away” with mechanical action or pulled out by the weight of the fabric
  • A fresh light scent freshens the clothes and eliminates odors
  • Uses anti-static technology to eliminate static from your clothes

Can I spray clothes while wearing them?

We do not recommend applying the product while wearing clothes.

Will it make my ironing easier/faster? Can it be used as an ironing aid?

Yes, Touch Up Spray can be used as an ironing aid similar to water or starch. It reduces wrinkles and helps to make the iron glide more easily.  It is safe to spray on fabrics before you iron.

Can it be used together with Dryel®?

Yes, it can be used together with Dryel® to deliver excellent results.

Does it contain starch?


What kind of ingredients are in it?

Touch Up Spray contains gentle dewrinkling agents, and a mild perfume in a water based formula.

What type of fabrics can I use it on?

It is safe for use on virtually all fabrics. This includes most fabrics that are normally laundered, most fabrics that are normally dry cleaned, and also a number of household fabrics such as curtains, tablecloths, etc.

For fabrics that tend to water spot (silk and rayon) Dryel® Touch Up Spray should be used only after testing in an inconspicuous area. In general, it’s always a good idea to test in an inconspicuous area before use on your fabrics.

Will it cause fading or hurt my clothes?

Extensive testing has shown that Dryel® Touch-Up Spray will not cause fading of your clothing.

Can it be used on Dry Clean Only or hand washed fabrics?

Dryel® Touch Up Spray has been thoroughly tested and is safe for all washable fabrics.

Since some dry clean only fabrics water spot (such as silk and rayon), we recommend you test a hidden area of the garment first before spraying the entire garment.

What if I experience spotting with Dryel® Touch Up Spray?

If spotting is experienced, treat the item as you normally would (i.e. laundering or dry cleaning as appropriate) and spots will be removed.  It may take more than one laundering for spots to be completely removed.

Is it safe for my washer and dryer?

It is safe to wash fabrics treated with Dryel® Touch Up Spray in your washer and dryer as you normally would.

What should I do in case of eye contact?

In case of eye contact, consumers should flush the eye with water.  If irritation persists, consumer should contact a physician.

Is it safe for the environment?

Dryel® Touch Up Spray is safe for the environment.  Detailed environmental assessments have been made to ensure this.

Are there garments it does not work on?

Dryel® Touch Up Spray is not designed for leather, suede or fur.

How has it been shown to be safe on my skin?

Clinical testing at expected and exaggerated use concentrations has shown that Dryel® Touch Up Spray is mild to skin.

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