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Dryel Products

The Dryel® Starter Kit

The kit contains 2 ULTRA concentrated cleaning cloths that will care for 2 dryer loads (up to four garments in each load for a total of 8 garments). Dryel® is also available in economical six-load refill packs in Breezy Clean Scent to care for up to 24 garments. Each kit includes:

  • Cleaning Booster Spray
  • 2X ULTRA Concentrated Refill Cloths
  • Re-usable Fabric Protection Bag
  • An instructional pamphlet including coupons

Where to Buy

Dryel® Refill Cloths

After 2 dryer loads using your Dryel® Starter Kit, you can purchase this pack of Refill Cloths to care for an additional 6 dryer loads. Since the Fabric Protection bag included with the Starter Kit can be used for up to 25 loads, this is the economical way to keep your dry clean only clothes freshly laundered without purchasing the Starter Kit again. The refill kit includes:

  • Cleaning Booster Spray
  • 6 ULTRAcleaning Cloths

Dryel® 6 load refill packs are available in Breezy Clean Scent.


Where to Buy


Dryel® 3-IN-1 Touch-Up Spray™

Dryel® 3-IN-1 Touch Up Spray™ is specially formulated to safely care for your everyday and dry clean clothes. Use to extend the time between cleanings! 

  • Spray a light mist evenly on fabric.
  • Use more spray in heavily wrinkled, smelly or clingy areas.
  • Use hands to press and smooth away wrinkles.
  • Air dry or dry in the dryer.




Dryel® On the Go™ Stain Pen

Dryel® On The Go™  helps remove fresh stains, and it’s EVEN safe on dry clean
only clothes, delicates and hand-washables such as wools, silks, rayons,
linens, cottons and other special care fabrics.


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